There are stringent, regulatory quality standards for medical texts. Our standards for translating medical texts are likewise very stringent. The internal processes and quality control at Wilkens Medical Translations are geared to the highest international standards.

Our quality assurance is ISO 9001-certified and our translation processes have earned us the ISO 17100 certification. This certification is audited annually and renewed.

As a Wilkens Medical Translations customer you always know what’s happening. During the translation process we keep you updated every step of the way. If you have questions or comments about how things are going, your account manager will be happy to address them. Would you like to have our quality assurance system or translation processes evaluated by your own expert? This can be arranged.

Expert translators and reviewers
Your medical texts are translated and checked by experts. Many of our translators and reviewers have specific qualifications for translating and reviewing medical texts. A large number of them have worked in the medical sector. Others are qualified in life sciences or pharmacy.

Guidelines and requirements
In Europe, the documentation for research into new medicines and the subsequent authorisation process must meet EMA standards. Our translators, reviewers and writers use the standard templates of the EMA when working with medical texts.

For Dutch patient-facing materials in clinical research we use the CCMO Style Guide (Schrijfwijzer), ensuring the text is easily read and understood, and is consistent.

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