The text revision service by Wilkens Medical Translations gives you the certainty that your written communication looks and sounds perfect. Naturally, we check your text for spelling and grammar errors, but also verify content and style. Cultural aspects can play a particularly important role in international business communication, and our translators take this into account.

Informed revision
We select the best reviewer for your text. He/she is a native speaker of the language. In selecting a reviewer we particularly consider his/her background and qualifications. With medical, technical, legal and financial texts in particular, subject matter expertise is a prerequisite for high-quality revision. Such texts are always assigned to a reviewer who is qualified in the relevant discipline or has extensive experience in that field.

We use expert copywriters – native speakers – with a sharp sense for appropriate tone and content to handle the revision of your marketing texts.

Revision in any language
We work with expert reviewers world-wide. For your medical texts, we only use reviewers with medical qualifications or experience.

End result
After revision, your text is returned to you error-free and perfect in terms of style. In addition to the revised text we also provide you with a document showing the changes that have been made to the original text. Details such as cultural and other content aspects are summarised in our cover letter accompanying the revised text.

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