Our customers are the judges of our quality. That is the guiding principle at Wilkens. You can see this in everything we do, from our first contact with you right up to the delivery of your translation.

In-house translation department

Most translation agencies no longer employ in-house translators. They have all their translations done by freelancers. Wilkens has an in-house translation department, and our best and most experienced translators work here. These professionals have several languages in their portfolios and make a vital contribution to the exceptional quality of our translations.

Personal approach

We believe in the personal approach. After all, we are better equipped to serve when we know more about you and your organisation. This is why you are allocated a regular contact person right from the start. He/she is the person you will make agreements with and whom you can always approach with questions or comments. But we will also be asking you questions so that we can satisfy your specific wishes and requirements to the best of our ability.

Quality through personalised service

The service that Wilkens provides is fully tailored to your wishes. And this is not an empty promise.
Is quick delivery your greatest concern? Then we’ll see to it that you get it – without compromising the quality of the texts, of course. We have translators all around the world, so we can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Do you have recurring projects involving the translation of very large texts into multiple languages? We’ll talk to you to find out the best solution for you. If you wish, we’ll set up a dedicated project organisation and relieve you of the entire planning and execution procedure. Another solution might be to enter into a framework agreement with you in which we document and confirm the details of our cooperative relationship. This flexibility allows us to find the best approach for every project. There are endless possibilities; the choice is yours.

Specialist translators and writers

Wilkens has an international pool of over three thousand translators and writers. Needless to say, all our language workers have academic language-related qualifications.

But that’s not all. The great majority of our translators and writers have working experience in a specific specialist area or have additional qualifications. Medical translations, for example, are made by translators with medical backgrounds. And for technical writing, we use writers with technical qualifications, or writers who have worked in a technical environment.

Certification according to international standards

Wilkens has two quality certificates, both of which are issued by an independent certifying body:

Certification according to this standard relates to our quality procedures. All of our employees work according to this quality system, in which every step of our internal processes is described in detail, including the complaints procedures and the working method for unforeseeable situations.
This is the international standard for translation services. Certification according to this standard guarantees translation services of the highest quality. An example: every translation supplied by Wilkens is checked by a second translator.

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