Your website is your company’s calling card. But it’s actually more than that. A website can also be an essential sales channel, or the main source of information for your customers. Whichever way you look at it, your website is often the first glimpse that business contacts, customers or prospects have of your company. Good website texts are therefore essential.

Compact and concise

Writing website texts calls for the right approach. Visitors to a website generally tend to scan the pages quickly. Lengthy pieces of text are often skipped. That is why it is important for websites to contain compact, concise text. Moreover, headings, summaries and illustrations help the visitor to distinguish between primary and secondary topics.

A clear message

The web text writers at Wilkens are specialists in writing website texts. They can formulate your message clearly and unambiguously. In the case of complex subject matter, they design a logical, understandable document structure that matches the navigation structure of your website.

Findability and SEO

Is your website meant to be persuasive? Do you want to generate turnover, find sponsors or reach specific target groups through your site? Then it’s vitally important that your site can be found by internet search engines – and particularly by Google. Our text writers can phrase your text in a way that increases the likelihood of your website being found by the right target group. For more information, visit our page on search engine optimisation (SEO).

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