The SEO in SEO texts stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO allows you to increase your website’s findability in internet search engines. In the Netherlands, around 95% of people on the internet use Google to search the internet. So in the Netherlands SEO is exclusively directed at improving findability in Google.

How does it work?

When writing SEO texts, it is important to first decide on the search terms according to which you want your website to be found. For example, you have a bakery in Leiden specialising in luxury confectionery. If someone types in the search term ‘bakery’ your company isn’t likely to be found on page 1 in Google. After all, there are hundreds of bakeries in the Netherlands. The search terms ‘bakery Leiden’ will yield better results, and ‘luxury bakery Leiden’ even more.

Once you have established the correct search terms, our SEO writers can get to work. They’ll see to it that the search terms appear in the correct places on your website often enough. This will allow your website to very quickly reach a higher position for those search terms on Google. The Wilkens SEO writers optimise the texts for Google while making sure that it remains readable and clearly understandable.

SEO and internet marketing

SEO is not the only way of improving your website’s efficiency on the internet. The design, the navigational structure, the use of illustrations and graphs, multimedia, interactive elements − all of these elements contribute to the effectiveness of your website.

If you want to entice visitors to your website into requesting a quote placing an order or making a donation, your website needs to generate a sense of trust. Moreover, the site must make it easy for visitors to take action. The button for requesting quotes must be prominently visible on every page, for example.

Wilkens can advise you on SEO and internet marketing. Contact us for more information about our services in this field.

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