Every text is unique, and this also applies to translations. There is no such thing as a ‘general translation’; every specialist area has its own terminology and jargon. Good translators, like the translators at Wilkens, allow for the context of the text to be translated, the culture and style of the customers and, of course, the wishes and requirements of the customer. While they are translating, they ask themselves questions such as: what is the specialist area, is it a formal or informal text, what is the purpose of the text?

What ‘general translation’ means to us

To us, ‘general translations’ mean: translations for which the translator doesn’t need extensive knowledge or experience of a specific specialist area. These include, for example, news articles, travelogues, private or business letters and job applications. But we also select the most suitable translators for general translations, translators who have translated for the customer before, or who have a special preference for specific assignments.

Quality translations

Our procedures for translation work are identical for all kinds of translations. Do you have a general text you want to have translated? We will translate your text with the same attention to detail that we pay all other texts. Your text will be translated by a professional translator whose mother tongue is the target language. As always, the translation will be thoroughly checked by a second translator. For general translations of the highest quality, Wilkens is your best option.

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