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Thanks to our extensive network of language professionals, you can count on Wilkens Translation Agency for virtually any language and text-related project. Do you need a service that isn’t listed below? If so, contact one of our staff who will be happy to tell you about our extra services.

Do you want to be sure that your written communication is perfect? We can offer that certainty. We check your texts, not only for their grammar and spelling, but also for their style and content. We deliver text reviews in any language and always find a reviewer with a knowledge of your field. Following our review, you will have an error-free and stylistically correct text, along with a changes document showing what changes have been made to the original text. We will also notify you of any other details such as cultural or subject-matter issues.

When a text is translated, it is inevitable that the number of words will change. In most cases, a translation will have more words than your original text. When documents are formatted for printing, the formatting nearly always needs to be changed following translation. Our translators can therefore translate your formatted texts directly in InDesign. Working this way is considerably more cost-effective and faster than working with a separate DTP agency. Following translation and review, a proof check will be carried out. Finally, you will receive a perfectly formatted translation.

You can also count on Wilkens for the digital formatting of your printed materials. We have experienced desktop publishers who can give your documents the desired formatting. We provide DTP services for any language: including character-based languages (such as Chinese) and languages that are written from right-to-left (such as Hebrew). You can always rely on desktop publishers that are native speakers in your desired target language.

Errors in printed materials are something you obviously want to avoid. Proof checking by one of our desktop publishers prevents these errors and gives you the certainty that you are sending error-free documents to the printers.

Normally, PDF files are annotated and sent to a desktop publisher. Our desktop publishers work directly in the DTP package InDesign. This saves both time and costs. Following the review and your approval, we deliver a fully formatted InDesign document.

Do you want to have all or part of a website translated? We make it easy for you.

Our translators can work directly into your content management system (CMS). This means it is not necessary to export the texts from the website or to re-import them after translation. As soon as the translation is done, it is available on your website. Another option is to translate HTML files using an API link. The software keeps the hierarchical structure of the website unchanged. The translated HTML can simply be re-imported into your website.

Our reviewers check the text of your documents for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and problems with style and content. They also look at hyphenation and page breaks. Finally, they go through all the graphical elements of the documents, such as images and logos: to make sure they are properly placed, have the right resolution, the colour codes are correct and so on.

For large or long-term translation or copywriting projects, secondment is worth considering. Having a translator or copywriter working with you on site gives them the opportunity to learn more about your organisation and your product or service. Our language professional can have discussions on site with your material experts, product developers and other relevant parties. This benefits the quality of the texts that are produced.

Do you want a fast, clear overview of the content of a long text? We will summarise it for you. We can provide you with a written or verbal summary. Knowledge of the topic is important when summarising a text, so we select a reviewer or copywriter with an understanding of the field of the text. They know the terminology, can distinguish between key and subsidiary information and are able to summarise complex topics succinctly.

It is also possible to anonymise documents before starting the translation process. This may provide a solution for organisations in the medical sector, which involves a lot of patient information, or for some consultancy firms. Such organisations often need translations of documents containing highly sensitive information. Anonymisation then becomes indispensable: they must always avoid stock market sensitive information such as any takeovers or international expansion being released.

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