Wilkens Translation Agency doesn’t just translate your texts: we can also help in the writing process. By getting involved in the communication process early on, together we can deliver an optimal result. Furthermore, we don’t just take care of the texts. You can also count on us for text editing and for the creation of the necessary visual materials such as images and technical or illustrative drawings.


Technical writing is an entire discipline of its own, which we are happy to leave to the experts. Which is why we work with a specialised sister company with wide experience in the field of technical documentation. By combining the client and industry knowledge of Wilkens with the specialised knowledge of our partner, you will always receive an accurate and high-quality text.

Different text types

Do you require technical writers for operating documentation like instruction manuals and work instructions, a specialised writer for medical website texts or a copywriter for commercial and creative texts? We always find the ideal writer for your writing project.

Experience it for yourself

Do you have a writing project coming up? If so, Wilkens can take all the planning and implementation off your hands. Secondment of one or more specialised writers in your field of expertise is also one of the options. We have a large selection of text writers and can always find the right writer for your project.


If you are interested in the writing services provided by Wilkens or would like to know how we can support you for a specific writing project, please contact one of our account managers today or request a no-obligation quote.

The advantages of Wilkens Translation Agency

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