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There are a number of reasons for this. To start with, every language combination is different. English-Dutch translators are far more numerous than, for example, Norwegian-Italian translators. So the rates for translations from Norwegian into Italian generally cost more than translations from English into Dutch.

Another important reason is that Wilkens only delivers customised work. Not only do projects involve different language combinations, the texts also differ in terms of word count, specialist area and degree of difficulty. Moreover, some translations are more urgent than others. All of these factors mean we prepare an individual quote for each project. So you always know what to expect.

…but you have a clear quote within two hours.

You receive a personalised quote within two hours, but often even sooner. And then you’ll see that Wilkens has very attractive rates. Thanks to our extensive pool of translators, our quotes are always very competitive.

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The proof is in the pudding. So why not ask us for a quote for your project or phone us right away. You can also ask us to ring you back, and then we’ll contact you within fifteen minutes to answer all you questions.

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