Language QA

In the medical sector, the importance of correct translation cannot be overemphasised. Errors in  a medicinal product leaflet or medical device manual can have severe consequences. How can you be sure that the translations you receive from your translation partner are complete and correct?


A Language QA by Wilkens Medical Translations can help: a thorough analysis by a specialist translator will give you an accurate indication of the translation quality level.

When to have a Language QA done?

Language QA is reassuring when you need to know the quality of the translations you receive. If you are unsure whether your translation is correct, or if you want to be sure that the translation was done on the basis of the source text, we recommend a Language QA.


When a text is translated into many languages, Language QA is invaluable. For many companies, checking all translations is not feasible as employees  who speak the language in question are not always available.


Wilkens Medical Translations has access to professional medical translators and reviewers in every language who can assess the quality of the work your translation partners produce.

Detailed quality check

During a Language QA our reviewers make a detailed comparison of the original source text – the so-called blueprint or master – and the translation. The Language QA is always done by a native speaker of the target language.


We investigate the following aspects:


  • Completeness
  • Terminology
  • Style
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation


During the analysis we correct any mistakes or omissions we find.

Quality report

You will receive a report of our findings, including our assessment of the quality of the various aspects of the text.

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