Non-medical translations

Do you need to have non-medical texts translated? Wilkens Medical Translations’ expertise is not limited to medical translations; we also offer translation excellence in other fields.


Wilkens Medical Translations is a subsidiary of Wilkens c.s. Interpreters, Translators and Technical Writers. Together, we have an international pool of 3000+ translators,  interpreters and writers at our disposal. This allows us to select the right translator for any language combination and any specialism.


The table below summarises our  expertise and the text types for which we can provide translations. Is your discipline missing? Please contact us.

Area of expertise

Text types


Websites, brochures, leaflets, advertisements.


Annual reports, annual accounts, reports, correspondence.


Contracts, powers of attorney, general terms and conditions.


Forms, competence lexicons, staff regulations.


Manuals, instructions for installation, safety documentation, training materials.

Translators with knowledge of their field

For medical as well as non-medical translations: we always select a translator who is skilled and competent in your field. For legal documents we use translators with legal training or who have worked in law; technical texts are given to translators with a technical background, such as engineers.

Quality first

Non-medical texts are translated using exactly the same certified quality assurance and working procedures as for medical texts. In other words:


  • Every text is translated by a native speaker of the target language.
  • Every translation undergoes a full check by a reviewer with the appropriate background.
  • We always deliver on time.
  • In long-term projects we provide regular progress reports.
  • Your Wilkens c.s. account manager is always available to address your questions and comments.
  • You can always rely on our after-sales service.

Support services for non-medical texts

Besides translations, we can also help you if you need an interpreter with a non-medical specialisation. In addition we also offer copywriting, technical writing, desktop publishing, internet marketing, web design and audiovisual productions in non-medical fields. Want to know more? Please contact us.

No-obligation information about what we can offer you?