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Your deadline is our deadline

Translating texts is often one of the last steps in your process. Consequently, there is often very little time left for the translation. That’s not a problem at Wilkens. We’re aware of this situation and have set up our organisation in such a way that we can realise your translation projects super fast − without compromising on quality. We always deliver on time, even when that time is limited.

Translating in your specialist area

Your translation is in safe hands with us. We work with translators who are masters of the art of translation. They only translate into their mother tongue. And that’s not all. Every translator at Wilkens c.s has an in-depth knowledge of one specific specialist area. To give an example: medical texts are translated by translators with a medical qualification or with experience of working in the medical sector. For legal texts, we use translators who specialise in law.

Wilkens: at your service

We always try to give you that little bit extra. To start with, you always have one regular contact person, who takes on your assignments, makes sure they are brought to a successful conclusion and then delivers the completed translation to you. Your contact person is always available to answer your questions. But we’ll have questions for you too so that we can satisfy your specific wishes and requirements to the best of our ability.

What’s more, every translation is customised. After all, there are always different factors involved, such as the content, style and subject of the text as well as the deadline and language combination. Based on these factors, we offer you a project proposal that exactly matches your wishes and requirements.

Customisation also means that almost anything is possible at Wilkens. Do you have a very big project with staggered delivery times, for example, for the documents to be translated? If you wish, we could take over all the planning and execution tasks for these translations from you. Then we would confer with the writers of the texts and make sure that your project is completed within the agreed time.


On the subject of writing: Wilkens employs not only translators but also very expert writers. They specialise in the structured writing of large quantities of documentation (technical writing).

In short, Wilkens supplies high-quality translations in an extremely flexible framework of services. Together with you, we determine how you can the greatest benefit from those services.

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