A legal translation such as a contract, general terms and conditions or a notarial deed requires specialist knowledge. Legal texts contain many specific terms and expressions. What’s more, the legal validity of the texts is extremely important. One mistake in a translated legal document could have very serious consequences for the parties involved.

Beëdigde vertalingLegally trained translators

For legal translations, Wilkens only uses translators with legal qualifications or extensive (years of) working experience with legal texts. Every translation is checked by a second translator or reviser who also has an in-depth knowledge of the field.

Sworn translations

For translations of legal texts, sworn translations are often required. A sworn translation is carried out by a sworn translator. This means the translator has been entered in the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (Register beëdigde tolken en vertalers, Rbtv) and is authorised to translate official and legal documents. A sworn translation has a stamped declaration by the sworn translator attached to it in which the translator declares the text to be a true translation of the original. Read more about our sworn translations.

Authentication and apostille

In many cases, authentication and/or an apostille are also required to give a sworn translation legal force in the country for which it is intended. This procedure can involve many parties, such as the District Court, the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs or the embassy of the country in question.

Wilkens can relieve of this complicated process when translating your official or legal documents. Then all you have to do is deliver the texts for translation to us and tell us what you want as far as a sworn translation, authentication and/or an apostille are concerned. We’ll follow all the required steps for you and make sure that you receive a legally valid document on time. If you wish, we can advise you about all the aspects that affect the legal validity of translated documents.

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