If you want to project your message or product internationally, you must have a multilingual website. For your clients, customers and prospects, your website often is the first and most important source of information. The best way to get your message across is to address visitors to your website in their own language.

When translating website texts, it is important to preserve the persuasive character of the original text. You don´t achieve this with a literal translation. For this reason, we always use specialist translators for website translations. They translate your website in such a way that the content and tone of the original text are not lost in translation.

Website vertalen

Copy translation

A copy translation is a special kind of translation that is very suited to web texts and other marketing texts. With copy translation, the text is first translated by a specialist marketing translator. The translation is then revised by a professional copywriter who focuses on the readability, fluency and persuasive power of the translation without consulting the original text. Finally, the translated and revised text is checked against the original and screened to make sure that the content is accurate and complete.

The end result is a fluent, persuasive text in the target language.


Writing for the web is a very specific craft. Visitors to a website scan the page and mainly focus on headings, buttons and links. The texts therefore need to be concise and to the point.

Every medium requires a unique approach. The copywriters at Wilkens are expert at writing persuasive texts. They translate your message into a compelling, articulate text, whether it is a complete annual report, an attractive text for a brochure or an effective website text… Our copywriters give you exactly the texts you were looking for.

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