Back translation

Medical texts need to be thoroughly checked before use. This is especially true for patient-facing materials, such as package leaflets and packaging texts. Besides Linguistic Validation en Readability tests, Wilkens Medical Translations therefore also offers back translation as a service.

How does back translation work?

Back translation is an excellent way of checking whether the impact of the original source text has been effectively rendered in the translation. If anything is unclear or ambiguous, or there are linguistic flaws in the text, these will be exposed during back translation. Back translation is often used to check Patient Information Forms (ICFs) and questionnaires.


Back translation means translating a translated text back into the original language as literally as possible (i.e. word for word) by a translator who is not familiar with the original source text. The back translation is then compared with the source document by an independent reviewer. The initial translation can then be adapted if necessary on the basis of this comparison.

Quality report

With back translation, you not only receive the back-translated text but also a quality report if needed. This report summarises the quality of the original translation.

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