DTP and proof checking

Wilkens Medical Translations provides DTP services and proof checking of all the printed materials you need translated. This saves you time and money: you don’t need to hire a DTP specialist yourself.

DTP combined with translation

When a text is translated, the number of words in the text invariably changes. In many cases the translated text has more words than the original text. This changes the lay-out of your documents. Paragraphs or headings might be too long or no longer fit on one line, or cause unwanted word or page breaks. Graphic elements of the lay-out, such as pictures or logos, may be affected.


If you have your formatted document translated by Wilkens Medical Translations you need not worry about the lay-out of the translated text. We translate the document in the DTP package InDesign directly, showing you the impact of translation on your lay-out. The translation is of course checked by an expert reviewer.

Checking proofs

Few things are as annoying as mistakes in your printed material, especially if the mistakes are only discovered after printing. Having proofs checked by the correctors at Wilkens Medical Translations avoids this problem.

Direct correction in InDesign

Our correctors work directly in the DTP program InDesign, saving time and costs. As soon as it has been checked by the corrector your document is ready for printing. This is much faster than annotating PDF files and having the comments incorporated by a DTP specialist.

Every little detail

Our correctors attend to every little detail of your printed materials, even checking word and page breaks. Finally, all the graphic elements of the document, such as pictures and logos, are carefully inspected: are they correctly positioned, is the resolution good, are the colour codes in order?

DTP in foreign languages

Wilkens Medical Translations offers proof checking in just about all languages and for all kinds of texts, including scientific, technical and medical texts.

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