In-Country Review

With medicinal products and medical devices, user documentation is essential. If a product is used in the wrong way because of incorrect instructions in the documentation, this could have far-reaching consequences. The strict rules governing documentation for medicinal products and medical devices that many countries have in place, are there for a good reason.


That is why manufacturers in the medical sector subject their product documentation to in-country review. Prior to the introduction of a new product on the market, all relevant texts are checked and assessed by reviewers, generally people who work at the manufacturer’s local branch, subsidiary or distribution partner.

Coordination by Wilkens Medical Translations

When you bring a new product onto the market in multiple countries simultaneously, we can coordinate the in-country review for you in its entirety. Our project managers ensure that your reviewers receive all relevant information, such as the working instructions, style guides and glossaries, on time. They coordinate progress, collect all review reports and have the necessary changes incorporated in the documentation. In most cases there is a second, final round of correction, after which the texts are finalised.


The coordination of an extensive in-country review for multiple languages is complex and requires much time and effort. Outsourcing this process to Wilkens Medical Translations guarantees that all texts are reviewed effectively and that you will have the corrected texts back in time – in time for the release of your new product.


Our project managers are used to working with multiple employees, countries and languages at the same time. To Wilkens Medical Translations it makes no difference whether the review is for two or twenty-five languages.


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