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An interpreter for every situation

An interpreter from Wilkens is your best option when you need to translate spoken text. Our interpreters have an excellent mastery of the language, are accurate and feel at ease in any situation. Moreover, we arrange all the logistic aspects such as transport, equipment and interpreting booths for you.

Different types of interpreters

Before securing the services of an interpreter it is important to establish the situation in which the interpreter will work.

Congress or conference

For large event with participants from many countries speaking different languages, we have interpreters who specialise in simultaneous oral translation. They are familiar with working with equipment and interpreting booths. On their headphones, the participants in the event hear a translation of what the speaker is saying. ‘Whispering’ interpreters can also be used in these situations; in those cases, no equipment is required.

At the notary’s office

At the notary’s office, documents are often read out that have been written in very formal, legal language. For these and similar situations you need an interpreter who is familiar with legal terminology in both the source and target languages. Our notarial interpreters all have a legal background and are sworn interpreters.

Meetings and presentations

At smaller get-togethers such as meetings and presentations, the interpreter ‘follows’ the speaker. The speaker and interpreter talk in turns. For these situations, we use interpreters who have an in-depth knowledge of the specialist area the participants at the meeting.

Interviews and interrogations

In an interview or interrogation, the interpreter is the medium between the person asking the questions and the person giving the answers. The interpreter translates the question for the interviewee, listens to the reply and then translates this again for the interviewer. For official interrogations, such as those conducted by the police or the Immigration and Naturalisation Service, we have sworn translators available.

Knowledgeable interpreters

You will get the most benefit from an interpreter who is familiar with your specialist area. For this reason, we always look for an interpreter whose profile best suits the specific situation. Thanks to our large pool of interpreters, we can always find the very best interpreter for you.

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