Thanks to our extensive network of language professionals, you can contact us for almost any language-related questions and projects. Do you need a language-related service that is not mentioned below? If so, please contact us. We’d be happy to tell you more about our supplementary services.

Do you want to be certain that your written communication is perfect in every way? Text revision by Wilkens gives you that certainty. Needless to say, we check your text for spelling and grammar mistakes, but we also check the content and style. We provide text revision services in every language and always select a reviewer with knowledge of the relevant specialist area.

After the revision, we send you back your text, which now contains no mistakes and is stylistically correct. Besides the revised text, we also supply you with a document showing the changes that were made to the original text. Details such as cultural and other content-related aspects are specified in the cover letter we include with the revised text.

Wilkens c.s. can also take care of the digital layout of your printed material. Our experienced DTP specialists can format your documents in your preferred layout. We provide DTP services for all languages, even languages with character script, such as Chinese, and languages that are written from right to left, such as Hebrew and Arabic. We also use DTP specialists who have an in-depth knowledge of the relevant languages (native speakers).

DTP and translation

When a text is translated, the number of words in the text invariably changes. In most cases, the translated text contains more words than the original text. For this reason, when documents have already been formatted for printing, the formatting almost always needs to be adjusted after translation.

We also have translators who can translate your formatted texts in InDesign. Translation and review activities are always followed by proofreading. In due course, you receive a perfectly formatted and laid out translation. This approach is significantly cheaper and faster than working separately with a DTP agency.

Few things are as annoying as mistakes in your printed material, especially if the mistakes are only discovered after the material has been printed. Proofreading by one of the Wilkens correctors will prevent this and will ensure that your documents contain no mistakes when they are sent to the printer’s.
Our correctors work directly in the InDesign DTP programme. This saves time and costs. As soon as your document has been checked by the corrector, it is ready to be printed. This is much faster than annotating PDF files and then having the comments processed by a DTP specialist.
Do you need a website or part of a website translated? We make it easy for you. Our translators can work directly in your content management system (CMS) so that you don’t need to export the texts from the website or import the texts to the website again after translation. As soon as the translation is ready, it’s available on the website.

The translation of HTML files is yet another option. We have advanced software for translating exported websites (called ‘HTML dumps’). The software preserves the hierarchical structure of the website. The translated HTML files are easy to import back onto your website.

Our correctors check your documents for spelling and grammar mistakes. They also check the content and style and make sure the hyphenation and page breaks are correct. Finally, all the graphic elements of the document, such as pictures and logos, are carefully checked. Are they correctly positioned, is the resolution good, are the colour codes correct?
If you have a large writing project or a project that’s expected to take a long time, it’s worth considering secondment. When one of our translators or writers works on site with you, they become more knowledgeable about your organisation and your products or services. Moreover, they can speak personally to your experts, product developers and other relevant parties on-site. This helps to improve to the quality of the texts that are ultimately produced.
Do you need a quick, clear summary of a longer text? Why not ask us to summarise the text for you? We can provide you with a written or oral summary. Knowledge of the specialist area in question is important when summarising a text, so we select a reviewer or copywriter who is knowledgeable in the specialist area covered by the text. He/she is familiar with the terminology, can distinguish between primary and secondary issues, and can summarise complex subjects concisely.
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