“Everything we do at Wilkens is customer-driven. We are always asking ourselves questions such as: How can we provide the best possible service to our customer? And: What is the underlying purpose of the assignment? This is why we like to get to know our customers as well as possible. What do they expect from of us? Can we offer them some extra service?

Because we know one thing for certain: it’s the customer who decides whether we’ve done our job well.”

Over 25 years

Wilkens translation agency has been providing the highest-quality multilanguage communication services to local and overseas companies for over 25 years. With our international network of almost three thousand translators, interpreters, writers and other linguistic staff, we provide a broad and varied package of services ranging from translation, copywriting and interpreting to technical writing, internet marketing and secondment.

Our service provision

It is our conviction that we serve our customers best when we have an in-depth knowledge of their specialist area and their working methods well. A text never stands alone, but is always part of a broader context that includes other texts, the specialist area and the cultural aspects. These factors affect the way the text is interpreted. A close relationship with our customers enables us to take all these aspects into account.

“Our internal processes and procedures are very streamlined. That’s the advantage of years of experience; over time, you learn the best and quickest way to get something done. This explains our quality certifications. And who benefits most? Our customers. Because they realise that they’re getting top quality AND very quick delivery.”

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- ISO 9001 and 17100 certified

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