Communication is an important part of the work conducted by government institutions, from speeches to policy documents, information websites to municipal ordinances. Written and oral communication is crucial to almost every government organisation.

OverheidsvertalingWilkens is the regular translation partner of a large number of government institutions. We work with local government, such as municipalities and provinces, and for organisations in central government, such as Ministries and executive bodies. We also work for various international institutions such as the European Parliament and UN organisations.
Diversity in subjects and specialist areas

Government plays a role in all facets of Dutch society, so the content and subject of the texts to be translated vary considerably. Wilkens has professional translators for almost any subject, specialist area or language combination. We select the most suitable translator for your translation assignment. For recurring assignments, we try to work with the same translators as much as possible so that you know exactly what to expect.

Turkish and Arabic

Particularly the larger municipalities in the Netherlands provide their residents with information in multiple languages. Cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague have documents printed in Turkish and Arabic, for example. Wilkens works with excellent, highly skilled translators who combine their fluent Dutch with native-speaker knowledge of Turkish or Arabic.

Precision and quality

Government communication requires the supply of correct, reliable information and an astute awareness of political sensitivities, aspects that can get lost in translation. If you work with Wilkens you don’t need to worry about this.

We work according to ISO certified quality procedures. For our translation processes, we abide by the certified working method (EN 15038) which, combined with our advanced translation software, means that we can work with great precision. Every translation is checked by a professional reviewer to make sure it is complete, correct and accurate. In addition, you can also avail yourself of our extensive after-sales service.

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