Wilkens has writers for all kinds of texts, such as copywriters for commercial and creative texts, technical writers for user information such as manuals and operating instructions, and specialist web writers for web texts. Read more about our writing services:


Copywriting requires a different approach to translation. The nature, size and purpose of the text, target audience, style and medium in which the text will be used in are all aspects that play a role when realising the eventual text. For smaller writing assignments, our project manager will discuss these aspects with you in order to arrive at a clear briefing for the writer of the texts.


With larger writing assignments, regular contact between the client and the writer is essential. At the start of a project like this, you will discuss your wishes and requirements, your preconditions and your planning schedule with our project manager and with the writer.


A writing project consists of a number of phases. In most cases the writer will have to gather the necessary information, often helped by employees from your organisation. Then the text structure is set up and checked with you. In the actual writing phase, the writer will regularly discuss the interim results with you. In this way, the ultimate text will meet reflect wishes and requirements as closely as possible.


If you wish, we can second one of more writers to your offices so that they can work inside your organisation. This makes it easier for them to consult with you, to exchange information and to get feedback on the interim results. We would be happy to discuss the possible options with you.

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