A good copywriter writes texts that seduce the reader, texts that clearly put into words the advantages of your product or service and ensure that the reader wants to do business with you. Good copywriters put themselves in the reader’s shoes.

Copywriting is a craft, and good copywriters are often hard to find. Wilkens has a large number of professional copywriters for the European market. These language experts are qualified in communications, marketing or advertising. Even more importantly, they have a special talent for describing your product or service in a way that make them very attractive to potential customers.

Copywriting in multiple languages

Do you need marketing texts in multiple languages? This is not a problem for us, thanks to our extensive international network of writers and translators. Wilkens has copywriters for all the European languages who write texts for you in their native language.

Another option is to have your texts written in one language – say English or Dutch – and then have them translated into the other languages you need. In this case, we recommend copy translations.

All kinds of texts in various languages

We produce all kinds of texts for you, from compact flyers and brochures to annual financial reports and even complete websites. For large writing projects you might be interested to know that Wilkens can take care of the entire planning and execution procedures. This option also includes the preparatory research, the final editing of the texts, and the design and formatting services such as web design and DTP.

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