Medical Writing

The medical writers at Wilkens Medical Translations can save you huge amounts of time and energy. These specialists have in-depth medical knowledge and excellent writing skills.

Requesting a writing project

Go to our quotation page to request a writing project, or send an e-mail to Upon receiving your request we will contact you directly to discuss your request and ask specifics on the nature of the text you want written and your requirements in terms of style, length, target audience and deadline.

Regulatory texts

Our medical writers work to international standards including the standard templates of the EMA in Europe and the FDA in the USA when producing medical documents for clinical research and the authorisation process for new medicines.


Having medical writing of regulatory texts done by us offers many benefits. The medical writer is familiar with the standards, works in a structured manner and presents the information clearly and concisely. Our medical writers are very experienced and know exactly what information they need to write the documentation you require. Keep in mind that regular contact with doctors, researchers and other stakeholders may be necessary to gather all the relevant information.


For larger medical writing projects you could consider having one or more medical writers from Wilkens Medical Translations to work in-house with you. This is an easy way of quickly increasing the capacity of your team. Adding a medical writer from Wilkens Medical Translations to your team means that you add a true specialist.

Educational and marketing texts

Rely on the medical copywriters from Wilkens Medical Translations for information materials and educational and marketing texts, such as brochures and web texts.


A writing project for informative or marketing texts always starts with a briefing, during which the subject, target group, desired style and other requirements are discussed. Based on this information, the copywriter writes a clear, impactful text targeted at exactly the audience you have in mind. Our writing projects always include at least one round of correction.