Medical Devices

Like pharmaceutical products, medical devices are generally marketed simultaneously in several countries. In the European Union and the European Economic Area, CE marking is mandatory. Products with a CE marking may be brought onto the market in any EU or EEA country – as long as all the required documentation is translated into the language(s) of that country. Documentation requirements differ among countries.


Introducing medical devices into the European market therefore demands the strictest coordination of the translation of relevant documentation. The Wilkens Medical Translations project managers have extensive experience with multilanguage translation projects (of up to thirty languages at a time). They manage all stakeholders and ensure timely delivery of your documents, in all the required languages.


Wilkens Medical Translations is the preferred translation partner of several manufacturers of medical devices. Our translations include:


  • Instructions for use (IFU):
  • Maintenance instructions and service manuals
  • Packaging and labels
  • Software
  • Brochures and other marketing texts


For the translation of more technical texts we only use experienced medical translators who are technically knowledgeable or have a background in technical writing. Among other things, we translate documents relating to catheters, stents, orthopaedic implants, pacemakers and breast implants.

Marketing Texts

Generally speaking, your medical devices will be accompanied by marketing texts such as brochures, websites and presentations. When translating website texts it is important that you use the appropriate style and tone. For this reason we use specialist medical marketing translators to translate these texts. These translators are able to convey the commercial impact of the original text in the target languages.


Having your translation done by a medical translation agency offers benefits over your local distributors. You are sure of consistent translations, in terms of terminology and style, which seamlessly convey your message in the target languages. On the other hand, when using multiple translators in multiple countries there is the real risk of the essence of your message getting lost in translation.


For the very best result, use our copy translation service for the translation of your marketing texts. This means that your translated marketing text is edited by a professional copywriter. 


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