Medical Marketing

Marketing is crucial in the medical sector. Medical marketing has now matured into a professional discipline. The introduction of new products always involves a meticulously prepared marketing campaign. This might be business-to-consumer marketing, as for a new OTC medicine, but also business-to-business, as for new hospital equipment. The target groups are varied: from doctors and hospitals to very large or very small groups of patients.

Marketing Communication

We use specialist translators to translate your marketing texts. These are translators who have thorough knowledge of medical terminology and are skilled at finding the right tone, style and persuasive power for your marketing texts. The translation of these texts requires a different approach than literal translation. What is most important here is that your message gets across in the translation, which makes your translation an effective part of your marketing activities.

Copy Translation

For marketing texts we have a very useful support service: copy translation.

At Wilkens Medical Translations every translation is checked by a second translator. A copy translation means having the translated, checked text edited by a copywriter or specialist marketing translator who edits without reference to the original text. He/she ensures that the translated text makes for pleasant reading and perfectly mirrors the style and tone of the original text. Copy translation results in a commercial text which reads smoothly and has the look and feel of the original language. Of course we check the text for completeness and correctness after the copy translation too.

Copywriting in Multiple Languages

Bringing a product onto the market in multiple countries simultaneously means producing marketing material in multiple languages,  requiring a sizeable investment in time and effort. You can save yourself the trouble by working with Wilkens Medical Translations.

We get your multi-language marketing material prepared for you. All you need to do is give us the original texts and indicate which languages you need these translated into. We ensure that you receive excellent marketing texts in all these languages when you need them.